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Major Projects

The San Antonio River Authority provides expertise and resources for a variety of projects throughout its four county jurisdiction in its commitment for Safe, Clean, and Enjoyable creeks and rivers.

With its lush vegetation, effortless accessibility and modern recreation amenities, Escondido Creek Parkway will be the favorite outdoor hub in the City of Kenedy, a gathering place for the community to relish their time in nature and with each other. This inviting linear park will transform the way people connect with their community and the environment by providing unparalleled opportunities to safely recreate in a native landscape.

Combining purpose with beauty, San Pedro Creek Culture Park weaves public art and architectural design into historic preservation, flood control, water quality and ecosystem restoration.

The San Pedro Creek Culture Park will encompass a total of four phases, with three segments in Phase 1. With Segment 1 complete, the second segment is currently under construction.

To keep up with the project and learn more about the art and upcoming events, visit:

The Westside Creeks Project is a community-based creek restoration effort started in 2008 by the San Antonio River Authority. Its mission is: 1) to develop and advance planning concepts for restoring the environmental condition of the Alazán, Apache, Martínez, and San Pedro Creeks, 2) to enhance or maintain the current flood control components of these creeks, and 3) to provide increased opportunities for community enjoyment.

The San Antonio River Authority uses prescribed burning as a land management tool to help maintain the Mission Reach Ecosystem Restoration Project. In June 2018 the San Antonio River Authority (River Authority) conducted its first prescribed burn in an effort to promote a resilient and diverse plant and wildlife community, reduce thatch and restore nutrients to the soil, suppress invasive species, and promote environmental education and sustainable landscape practices.