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Watershed Wise: Resident

Watershed Wise-resident

In this section, learn about ways you can protect your Watershed at home and in your neighborhood. Share this information with your neighbors and loved ones so they can do the same!

Build a Rain Garden

Learn what it takes to build a rain garden in your home with these easy “how-to” videos! You can also start or a community rain garden with your neighborhood association.

Improve your Home

DID YOU KNOW: In San Antonio, stormwater does not drain into a sanitary sewer system.  It flows directly into our creeks and rivers. Visit this section of our website to discover simple modifications you can do at home that can help protect the San Antonio River Watershed.

Start a Conversation

Visit the Education section of our website to download education materials you can share with your family and friends to help spread the Watershed Wise message.

Inspire Actions

Share what you’re doing so others can be inspired! Email us at mkorth@sara-tx.org or post on our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!