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The San Antonio River Authority (River Authority) has a passion for sustaining and enriching life in the San Antonio River Watershed. If you share that passion and your heart is in preserving and protecting the San Antonio River Watershed, then the River Authority would like you to become one of the Watershed Wise Warriors. Watershed Wise Warriors serve as community defenders of the flora and fauna of the waterways giving of their time and energy to advance the sustainability of the watershed. As a Watershed Wise Warrior you will be invited to participate in a variety of activities such as cleanups, ecosystem restoration projects and watershed education opportunities throughout the San Antonio River Watershed.

By joining the ranks of the Watershed Wise Warriors, your passion for the environment will be put into action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Watershed Wise Warriors program?

Watershed Wise Warriors is a program from the San Antonio River Authority (River Authority) that gives the community the opportunity to take an active part in the preservation and protection of the San Antonio River Watershed.

What type of projects will I take on as part of Watershed Wise Warriors?

Participants will be invited to attend events on a monthly basis organized by the River Authority and/or community partners that may range from cleanup, ecosystem restoration and education opportunities. These events will typically be scheduled to last between two to four hours and will typically take place during weekends. Participants will be required to sign a liability waiver for any program activities.

How do I register to join Watershed Wise Warriors?

Registration is simple! Please visit the Watershed Wise Warriors page on the River Authority's website and enter your name and email address. The River Authority will not share your contact information with any outside entity or organization.

How will I be informed of Watershed Wise Warriors events?

Participants who register to be part of the Watershed Wise Warriors program will receive emails from the River Authority on a monthly basis with information regarding upcoming events, photos and recaps from past events, facts about the San Antonio River Watershed, and testimonials from fellow Watershed Wise Warriors participants.

Is there a cost involved in joining the Watershed Wise Warriors program?

There is no fee associated with the Watershed Wise Warriors program.

Is there an age restriction to be part of Watershed Wise Warriors?

Since most of the education and volunteer opportunities are targeted to an adult audience, the program is only open to participants older than 15 years of age. However, there will occasionally be activities suitable for younger audiences which will be mentioned in all communications sent to the program participants. Parents and/or guardians will be held responsible for the participation of minors in the activities designed for younger audiences.

Can program activities count towards community service hours?

Most cleanup and ecosystem restoration activities organized by the River Authority should count as community service hours. However, participants should consult with their school/organization, etc. for confirmation prior to attending a program activity and should bring a form for River Authority staff to sign at the end of the activity. For activities organized by our community partners, participants should consult their respective guidelines.