What is watershed sustainability?

Think for a moment about the word sustainability. What comes to mind? For most people, environmental sustainability means conserving energy and water, recycling or reducing air pollution. All of these things are essential in creating a healthy environment that can be sustained for generations to come. However, maintaining clean and healthy water in our creeks and rivers is also an essential element of environmental sustainability.

How we care for our watershed now will determine the health of rivers and streams for future generations to enjoy. But, a sustainable watershed is not just good for the environment. In the long run, it will save taxpayer money through reduced stormwater infrastructure costs. It will also improve quality of life in our watershed through increased green space and landscape beautification.

If we do not take steps now to encourage a healthy watershed, we will be susceptible to federal government intervention in the future. We feel that it is important for the community to be responsible for decisions made about the river, not the federal government.

Polluted water in the San Antonio River harms more than just the fish and wildlife in our local area. Water that drains into the creeks and river in San Antonio flows all the way to San Antonio Bay. Water from the San Antonio River has direct impact on the health of wildlife in the bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

LID Implementation, Case Studies and BMPs for San Antonio

pdf Stormwater Control Measures in Ultra Urban Areas

pdf Sustainability/LID Frequently Asked Questions and Fact Sheet

pdf Low Impact Sustainability Techniques in Public Infrastructure Projects

pdf Low Impact Development/Green Infrastructure in the San Antonio Area Implementation Plan

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In San Antonio, stormwater does not drain into a sanitary sewer system. It flows directly into our creeks and rivers.

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