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SARA currently operates nature parks in the San Antonio River Watershed. Nature-based parks increase quality of life in the watershed and foster a greater awareness and appreciation for the river and the natural resources it provides. We believe increased appreciation for the river and its tributaries will encourage increased preservation and conservation of this vital resource.

Nature parks are different from traditional parks because they emphasize and embrace the natural resources of the park property and minimizing human impact on nature. In nature parks, park structures are minimal and public use is focused to activities that promote recreation and nature study while protecting the natural ecosystem.

Education is a key component of SARA’s Nature-Based Park Program. SARA frequently hosts events, educational programs and guided walks at our park properties. For a listing of upcoming events and programs visit our event calendar

For questions regarding park programming at SARA’s nature parks, please contact SARA’s Recreation team toll free at (866) 345-7272 or click here. For park reservations and large-scale events, please contact Angela Camarillo at (210) 227-1373/toll free at (866) 345-7272 or click here.

Museum Reach, Bexar County
Mission Reach, Bexar County
Mission Reach Prescribed Burn Initiative
River Crossing Park on the San Antonio River, Bexar County
Graytown Park on the San Antonio River, Wilson County
John William Helton-San Antonio River Nature Park, Wilson County
Jackson Nature Park, Wilson County
Branch River Park, Goliad County
Future Parks

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