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Current Conditions

** The Saspamco paddling trail is open from River Crossing to Helton, from Helton south there are known portage points due to log jams. 

** The paddling trail from County Road 117 to highway 97 is also temporarily closed while crews work to clear a blockage that makes traveling in the water difficult. Portaging will be necessary. Portage points at both CR 117 and 97 will be closed.

Flow Conditions
Bacteria Conditions
Contact Recreation Standard
So, What Does Contact Recreation Standard Mean?

While you’re in the basin . . .

If you see something illegal or hazardous dumped in the San Antonio River Basin, first dial 911. Then, be sure to contact the San Antonio River Authority’s Environmental Investigations Coordinator at (210) 227-1373 or, toll free, at (866) 345-7272, and ask for extension 3609.