The San Antonio River Authority Laboratory

The San Antonio River Authority laboratory is a NELAC accredited laboratory that provides a wide range of analyses for drinking water and non-potable water testing. These analyses are available for a small fee to anyone wishing to have their water tested. Current lab customers include:

  • Municipalities
  • Water purveyors
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Consultants
  • Water bottlers
  • Other laboratories
  • Private citizens

Analytical Capabilities

Wet Chemistry Analysis:

Total Hardness
Total Phosphorus
Dissolved Phosphorus

Solids Analysis:

Total Suspended Solids
Total Dissolved Solids


Drinking water
Total Coliform (Presence/Absence)
E. coli (Presence/Absence and enumeration)

Non-potable water
E. coli enumeration

The SARA laboratory is capable of performing the IDEXX Colilert®-18 methods for presence/absence and enumeration of Total Coliforms and E. coli.

The Laboratory is also capable of analyzing BOD5, CBOD5, Non Distilled/Distilled Ammonia, Conductivity, Turbidity and pH.

The Laboratory also has the Dionex ICS-2100 and a DX2000 for the analysis of Nitrate, Nitrite, Sulfate, Fluoride, Bromide and Chloride; the TOC Fusion instrument for the analysis of Total Organic Carbon and the SEAL AQ2+ Analyzer for the analysis of Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen. The Laboratory also has an Agilent 7500 CE ICP-MS instrument for the analysis of Metals in drinking water and non-potable water, and a Beckman Coulter Spectrophotometer DU-800 for Chlorophyll-a and Pheophytin-a.

Staff Qualifications

  • The laboratory staff consists of degreed professionals from across the state of Texas and beyond.
  • The ESD staff are members of professional organizations to stay abreast of developing technologies and regulations.
    • The NELAC Institute
    • Alamo Laboratory Analyst Chapter

Laboratory Accreditation

The SARA Environmental Sciences Laboratory is accredited by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for the analysis of Drinking Water and Non-Potable water. Please refer to our Fields of Accreditation for Analysis that SARA is accredited to perform.

pdf Fields of Accreditation