San Antonio River Basin
Environmental Advisory Committee

The primary function of the advisory committee is to serve as the comprehensive public participation group that reviews and provides input on the environmental studies and programs at SARA. The Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) assists SARA in developing an educated constituent base and also advises the SARA Board of Directors about environmental issues within the basin. In addition to its other duties, the Environmental Advisory Committee acts as the Clean Rivers Program Steering Committee. All EAC and CRP Steering Committees are open to the public. If you would like to be involved you are invited to attend these meetings. The advisory committee will have a maximum of 25 members, including co-chairs, but may vary from time to time. Also a technical committee will be formed to assist the Advisory Committee. Those participating on the technical committee will be staff from local, state, and federal governments.

EAC General Information
EAC Committee Members

SARA is no longer seeking nomination applications.

For more information contact Darlene Dorsey at (210) 302-3623 or click here.

Documents for the EAC's reference for the 9/15/2010 meeting:

Board Minutes from December 2005 Board Minutes where the EAC was approved by the SARA Board of Directors.

CRP_Letter Detailing the EAC's funtion as a CRP steering committee

EAC Overview

EAC Roles and Responsibilities

TCEQ standards Change Document

R-1415 SARA Board of Directors resolution passed on 8/18/2010 in response to TCEQ standards changes

From the 9-15-2010 Meeting:

EAC 9-15-2010 meeting minutes

EAC Response to SARA R1415