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Edwards Aquifer Protection Projects Request for Applications

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Request for Application — RFA 09/29/17 Not available

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#00108 Edwards Aquifer Protection Projects Request


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Proposition 1, the Edwards Aquifer Protection Venue Project, authorizes the City of San Antonio (CITY) to continue the voter-approved watershed and preservation project initiated in 2000 and continued in 2005, 2010, and 2015. A 1/8 cent sales tax is projected to collect $100 million for this project. Of the $100 million expected pursuant to the 2015 authorization, $90 million will continue to be used toward the purchase of conservation easements and acquisition of real estate interests over the sensitive recharge and contributing zones of the aquifer. The remaining $10 million is dedicated for Edwards Aquifer protection projects within urbanized areas of Bexar County’s recharge and contributing zones that will protect and improve Edwards Aquifer water quality (PROJECT). This Request for Applications (REQUEST) pertains to the new aquifer protection and improvement PROJECT component.
Historically, CITY staff has worked through the Conservation Advisory Board (CAB) to obtain funding recommendations that are presented to the San Antonio City Council (COUNCIL) for consideration and action.

The Edwards Aquifer is San Antonio’s primary source of water and is important to the CITY’s economic viability. Rainfall enters the aquifer through fractures, caves, sinkholes and other features replenishing the aquifer. However, development over the aquifer’s recharge and contributing zones impacts the quality and quantity of water entering the aquifer and reduces the number of recharge features needed to maintain San Antonio’s primary water resource. While rules are in place to regulate urban or incompatible development, the CITY seeks to utilize PROJECT funding toward Edwards Aquifer recharge area/recharge feature protection projects within Bexar County’s recharge and contributing zones.

By interlocal agreement approved by the COUNCIL on April 28, 2016, the San Antonio River Authority (RIVER AUTHORITY) will serve as project manager and administrator of the PROJECT and is responsible to the CITY to ensure quality review, approval, implementation, and future monitoring of aquifer protection and improvement projects funded through the PROJECT.

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