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The Board of Directors (Board) of the San Antonio River Authority called for an election of five (5) Directors on November 5, 2019.  The June 19, 2019 Ordinance ordering the election includes the requirements for candidacy as well as the preliminary polling locations, and can be viewed here.

Final polling locations are determined by county elections offices so for final polling locations please visit your county election administrator website. Links to the county election administrator websites can be found in the Helpful Links, below.

Notice to File

A twelve (12) member Board governs the San Antonio River Authority (River Authority). The Board consists of two at-large members from each of Bexar, Wilson, Karnes, and Goliad counties, and one member for each of the four River Authority districts in Bexar County, for a total of twelve (12) members.

All Board member terms are for a period of six years. There are no term limits. All positions are elected except in the case of an unexpected vacancy prior to a term ending, in which case the Governor of the State of Texas appoints a replacement to complete the term.

Board terms are staggered with elections held in November of odd numbered years. The River Authority calls its election by ordinance and in accordance with the Texas election code.  Each election is administered through each county’s elections office. When candidates are unopposed, the Texas election code allows for the River Authority to declare by ordinance that the candidates are unopposed and are elected to office.

The five (5)  Board positions included in election on November 5, 2019 are:

  • Bexar County District 1
  • Bexar County District 2
  • Goliad County at large (1 position)
  • Karnes County at large (1 position)
  • Wilson County at large (1 position)