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Mission Reach Prescribed Burning

The San Antonio River Authority uses prescribed burning as a land management tool to help maintain the Mission Reach Ecosystem Restoration Project. In June 2018 the San Antonio River Authority (River Authority) conducted its first prescribed burn in an effort to promote a resilient and diverse plant and wildlife community, reduce thatch and restore nutrients to the soil, suppress invasive species, and promote environmental education and sustainable landscape practices.

Prescribed burning is a controlled, planned, and scientific land management tool widely used to manage excessive vegetation under very specific and safe conditions.

The River Authority conducted its second burn in February 2019. “Cool” season burns, or burns that are conducted in the winter are more likely to help promote the growth of native species whereas “warm” season burns, or burns conducted in the Summer are used more to suppress growth of non-native species. Regardless of the season, prescribed burning will aid in management by reducing cover, removing thatch, suppressing woody encroachment, and restoring nutrients to the soil.


Click pictures below to learn more about the River Authority’s efforts and here to view the River Authority’s planning and preparation.

Click pictures below to see the burning operations and keep up to date with the recovery process of the “cool” season burn.

The River Authority plans to continue using prescribed burns to manage the project.

To learn more about prescribed burning, please visit our partner sites:

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