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Watershed Wise: Grant Recipients

The San Antonio River Authority (SARA) Watershed Wise School Grant provides funds to build capture features for stormwater runoff on school grounds within Bexar, Wilson, Karnes and Goliad counties. The purpose of this grant is to educate the watershed about campus drainage issues, including nonpoint source pollution, localized flooding and erosion, and to provide support to address these issues utilizing green infrastructure solutions.

Funds are applicable for the design, construction, and installation of rain gardens, bioswales, cisterns, or a combination of all. SARA’s educators will provide in-class, hands-on, TEKS-aligned presentations, lessons, and activities dedicated to the importance of green infrastructure solutions.


2017/2018 Watershed Wise Grant Recipients

Goliad Elementary School- Goliad County
Lamar Elementary School - Bexar County


2016/2017 Watershed Wise Grant Recipients

MacArthur High School - Bexar County
Hector Garcia Middle School - Bexar County
Brackenridge High School - Bexar County


2015/2016 Watershed Wise Grant Recipients

Five Palms Elementary - Bexar County
Bellaire Elementary - Bexar County
Earl Rudder Middle School - Bexar County


2014/2015 Watershed Wise Grant Recipients

Ferdinand Herff Elementary - Bexar County
Floresville South Elementary - Southern Basin, Wilson County