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Let It Soak In!

Each of us play a role in the health and future of our creeks and rivers.  Our actions, both negative and positive, can make an impact that can last generations! Being good stewards of our environment will protect the land we live on, which directly affects the health of our water. Polluted water in the San Antonio River harms more than just the fish and wildlife in our community.

Did you know that the San Antonio River is 240 miles long? Because of this, water from the San Antonio River has direct impact on the health of wildlife in the bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Here are some simple steps you can take to help make a difference to our waterways in your community:

Impervious Cover

What is Impervious Cover and Why is It Harmful to Our Waterways?

Impervious cover does not allow stormwater to absorb into soil. This increases the volume and velocity of stormwater entering waterways, which leads to erosion. Pervious cover on land helps slow down polluted water, spread it out and soak it in. Learn more about impervious vs. previous by watching this video:

Build a Rain Garden

A rain garden can help beautify your yard and help protect the environment. Think of the garden as a shallow bowl, about 6-9 inches deep, that captures rainwater from your roof, sidewalks and driveway. Pollutants that can become hazards to our waterways include bacteria from your roof, pesticides, fertilizers and oils from your driveway. The rain garden allows you to slow down the flow of stormwater entering our waterways, to soak up some pollutants and filter the runoff that would otherwise end up in the nearest storm drain, and ultimately in our creeks and rivers.

Interested in building your own rain garden in your home or office? We have a series of step-by-step videos to walk you through the process.

Pick Up After Your Pet

Why? Animal & pet feces that are not picked up can also end up in storm drains and travel to nearby creeks and rivers. Feces carry bacteria that cause disease.

Improve your Home

Did you know, in San Antonio, stormwater does not drain into a sanitary sewer system. It flows directly into our creeks and rivers. Visit this section of our website to discover simple modifications you can do at home that can help protect the San Antonio River Watershed.

Start a Conversation

Visit the Education section of our website to download education materials you can share with your family and friends to help spread the Watershed Wise message.

Inspire Actions

Share what you’re doing so others can be inspired! Email or post on our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! #letitsoakin


The San Antonio River Authority (River Authority) has a passion for sustaining and enriching life in the San Antonio River Watershed. If you share that passion and your heart is in preserving and protecting the San Antonio River Watershed, then the River Authority would like you to become one of the Watershed Wise Warriors.

Watershed Wise Warriors serve as community defenders of the flora and fauna of the waterways giving of their time and energy to advance the sustainability of the watershed. As a Watershed Wise Warrior you will be invited to participate in a variety of activities such as cleanups, ecosystem restoration projects and watershed education opportunities throughout the San Antonio River Watershed. By joining the ranks of the Watershed Wise Warriors, your passion for the environment will be put into action.

Check this section of our website or email to learn more about the Watershed Wise Warriors!

Become a Volunteer Gardener

The Watershed Wise Volunteer Gardener initiative is designed to increase the knowledge, enthusiasm, and stewardship of citizens along the San Antonio River Watershed. It builds upon existing knowledge and appreciation for the river as well as sustainable practices to empower a trained number of “Elite” volunteers to conduct independent landscape maintenance on areas along the San Antonio River managed by the San Antonio River Authority. Check this section of our website, or email to learn more about the Watershed Wise Volunteer Gardener program!

Become a Citizen Scientist

The San Antonio River Authority has a citizen science program that is part of a global community. You can become a Watershed Wise Citizen Scientist and start collecting important, research-grade data right now! No experience necessary and a variety of observations are accepted. Simply use your smartphone to download and sign-up on www.iNaturalist.org for free! Once you’re in, be sure to join San Antonio River Projects! To learn more about the Citizen Science program, email here.