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Debris Removal

Debris PicResidents who live along the waterways of the San Antonio River Basin in Bexar, Wilson, Karnes and Goliad counties may be eligible for debris cleanup on their properties through SARA’s Regional Flood Debris Removal program. This program is designed to improve the river’s capacity to convey floodwaters and to enhance the quality of the water. The cleanup process is environmentally friendly and benefits residents both upstream and downstream of the sites. Debris includes natural materials such as tree limbs, logs and fallen trees and man-made debris.

Landowners long the San Antonio River and its tributaries may contact SARA for a debris removal assessment. A SARA team will evaluate each location based on criteria such as stream characteristics, difficulty of access and risk to property during flooding. Assessment scores are analyzed each fall. Generally, the higher the score, the sooner the site is cleaned. Work is performed between January 1 and mid-March. Not all sites may qualify for debris removal by SARA. This program does not include bank stabilization.

Requests for debris removal assessments are accepted by SARA year-round. For more information, contact Kristen Hansen at (210) 227-1373 or toll free, (866) 345-7272.