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Basin Highlights and Summary Reports

Basin Summary Reports

The San Antonio River Basin Summary Report provides an overview of monitoring and assessment activities in the San Antonio River Basin. The report was prepared by SARA staff in coordination with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and in accordance with the state’s guidelines. The report presents a 10-year history of the levels of bacteria, nutrients, aquatic life use and other water quality parameters at more tha0n 180 sites throughout six watersheds in the basin, covering various periods.

2018 Basin Summary Report

2013 Basin Summary Report

Basin Highlight Reports

The Basin Highlights Report provides annual updates of the findings and activities conducted by San Antonio River Authority for the San Antonio River Basin in cooperation with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) under the State of Texas Clean Rivers Program (CRP). This report includes an overview of basin water quality monitoring activities; a review of water quality data; a discussion of activities and findings for special studies; maps showing the location of sampling sites; a discussion of participation of other organizations in the basin monitoring program; and public outreach activities.

2019 Basin Highlight Update Report – Printable
2019 Basin Highlight Update Report – Accessible

2017 Basin Highlights Report 

2016 Basin Highlights Report 

2015 Basin Highlights Report 

2014 Basin Highlights Report

2012 Basin Highlights Report