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Basin Field Guide

The San Antonio River serves as an important habitat corridor that supports numerous native plants, migratory birds and other wildlife. Connected ecosystems function better than fragmented systems, and the River serves as an essentially uninterrupted connection from its headwaters in the heart of San Antonio to the confluence with the Guadalupe River near San Antonio Bay and the Texas Gulf Coast. However, the adjoining riparian ecosystem and surrounding landscapes vary from a relatively unaltered natural state to a heavily developed urban state and everything in between, which results in fragmentation of this important habitat.

The Basin Field Guide was created by the San Antonio River Authority to serve as a resource for the community in order to better understand the plant and animal life within the San Antonio River Basin. This Guide includes descriptions and photos of many native and non-native plant and animal species that can be found in the Basin, with a focus on the more common species that might be encountered. We hope you enjoy learning more about the San Antonio River ecosystem!

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