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SARA Celebrates San Antonio’s Tricentennial


San Antonio River Authority Celebrates San Antonio’s Tricentennial

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Click here for an interactive timeline with historic milestones related to the San Antonio River and its tributaries. For an extended version with additional information, click here.

For nearly 12,000 years, the San Antonio River supported indigenous populations. However, it was when Spanish colonial settlers formally named the area Villa de Béjar on the 5th of May, 1718, that the City of San Antonio was born.

During this Tricentennial Year, it is vitally important to recognize and honor the significance of the San Antonio River and its tributaries, after all, it is why the Spanish, and the indigenous peoples before them, settled in this area. The San Antonio River Authority’s (SARA) Tricentennial celebrations will promote the river’s role in the region’s history and the importance of protecting the river and its tributaries for the benefit of future generations. This is part of SARA’s commitment to safe, clean and enjoyable creeks and rivers.

SARA is hosting and supporting numerous Tricentennial events and projects in San Antonio and Goliad:

A few of the larger Tricentennial activities supported by SARA include: