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Watershed Wise

How Can I Help?

San Antonio River with sky reflection

For a clean river that can be used and enjoyed by people and wildlife, it takes everyone living throughout the San Antonio River Watershed to take positive actions in their day to day activities to help keep water quality at its best. 

  • Learn more details about common place behaviors can lead to good or poor water quality by visiting the River Health section of this website. 
  • Get involved as a Watershed Wise Warrior! You will have opportunities for fun educational opportunities, hikes, tours, and a community effort to help keep the waterways clean of trash!
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  • Report illegal dumping, fish kills and spills to the local law enforcement office and the San Antonio River Authority (River Authority) Environmental Investigations Specialist at (210) 227-1373 or, toll free, at (866) 345-7272.
  • Volunteer for river clean-up activities such as Basura Bash.
  • Be informed of current water quality conditions by continuing to explore the San Antonio River Authority website.
  • Become a volunteer water quality monitor; please visit the Texas Stream Team website for more information on how to become a volunteer monitor at Stream Team.
  • Become involved with stakeholder committees and attend public meetings for projects that are taking place in your area such as the Westside Creeks Restoration Project and San Pedro Creek Improvements Project.
  • Follow the San Antonio River Authority on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest to find out about upcoming public meetings and event notices.