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Watershed Wise

The San Antonio River Watershed drains over 4,194 square miles and its reach includes 14 counties and 8,800 streams. Each of us that live within the watershed play a role in the health and future of its creeks and rivers and our actions, both negative and positive, can make an impact that can last generations.

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From picking up after our pets, recycling, reporting illegal dumping, fish kills and spills to picking up trash as a Watershed Wise Warrior or building a rain garden at your home or place of business, there are many ways to be Watershed Wise. Click here to learn more about Watershed Sustainability and here to learn more about Stormwater Management and Low Impact Development.

Visit the different pages in this section to learn more and become engaged. Follow the River Authority on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and NextDoor to find out about upcoming public meetings, event notices and to learn more about how you can be Watershed Wise.

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