Be River Proud

Parks & Trails

What You Can Do

Two men paddling the San Antonio River in a canoe

Visitors to the San Antonio River and its recreational resources are often swept away by the diverse range of possibilities.

At San Antonio River Authority Parks and Trails, you can:

  • Bike
  • Run and hike
  • Paddle - contact the San Antonio River Authority's approved paddling vendor, Mission Adventure Tours to reserve a kayak tour today!
  • Explore Spanish Missions
  • Celebrate World Heritage
  • Enjoy public art
  • Photograph nature
  • Fish
  • Bird watch
  • Camp
  • Play on a playground
  • Host a family or community event

From its calm, peaceful flow through the urban environment at its headwaters, to its wild, unpredictable rural stretches, the San Antonio River traverses 240 miles to the Texas coast. We invite you to discover the wonders of the river at San Antonio River Authority Parks and Paddling Trails located throughout Bexar, Wilson, and Goliad Counties.

Health and well-being are important in everyone’s life and the parks and paddling trails that the River Authority operates are wonderful spaces to enjoy fun and relaxing opportunities for recreation.