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Flood Risk

Low Impact Development (LID)

The River Authority also advocates for Low Impact Development (LID) techniques.  These practices help address water quantity and quality concerns associated with the region’s frequent, smaller rain events. A common nuisance from improper development techniques, such as concrete curbs, impermeable concrete, and nonnative plant landscaping is street flooding during storms. But the negative effects don’t end there. Rainwater runoff picks up bacteria, oils, hydrocarbons, sediment, fertilizers and other contaminants from yards, fields, sidewalks, parking lots and streets and deposits these contaminants into our creeks and rivers. Even small rain storms in urban areas cause problems. High concentration of “first flush” pollutants from runoff can reduce a creek’s dissolved oxygen, resulting in fish kills. LID techniques have been shown to improve water quality, reduce localized flooding and, when incorporated into a project’s design early in the process, offset and in some cases reduce the cost of traditional development.