How We Define Sustainability

SARA is dedicated to achieving a sustainable watershed through improving water quality in the San Antonio River Basin. However, we believe that sustainability must be achieved by implementing solutions that meet a set of criteria that is often referred to as "the triple bottom line". In order to meet these criteria, sustainability solutions must:

  • Be good for the environment
  • Be good for people
  • Make sound financial sense

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Practices Advancing Sustainable Development

Advancing Watershed Sustainability at SARA

SARA is currently planning and implementing many new projects aimed at enhancing understanding of watershed sustainability locally, elevating the profile of watershed sustainability in the community and improving the quality of stormwater flowing off of agency property.

Sustainability-focused projects to be conducted by SARA beginning in 2012 include:

  • A stormwater audit of SARA's facilities (view report)
  • A rain garden project at SARA's Environmental Center
  • An erosion control project at SARA's Environmental Center
  • A stormwater improvement project at SARA's main office utlizing low impact design techniques
  • The development of a new maintenance facility utilizing low impact design techiniques
  • Development of a triple bottom line tool that will assist in determining the best sustainable capital improvement projects to implement
  • Sustainability training for both in-house and external audiences
  • The creation of a Low Impact Development (LID) Competition to promote LID development throughout the larger San Antonio community

For more information:

SARA staff is available to help assist you with any questions you may have regarding watershed sustainability. For specific, technical questions, please email us.