Education Presentations

SARA's Education Department offers a variety of classroom presentation topics and field trip opportunities from which teachers can select. All presentations are free, but they are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please plan ahead and have multiple dates available. For field trips, teachers must arrange their own transportation and meals for their students. TEKS alignment for all presentations is available upon request.

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Classroom Presentation

Presentations Topics Covered Additional Information Grade Level
Mission Reach Ecosystem Restoration, History of the San Antonio River along the Missions 45 minutes but can go from 20-60 minutes based on your needs 3-12
Be Watershed Wise Take home actions that everyone can do to protect their river 20-45 minutes
Use of a watershed model to demonstrate non-point source pollution "
Invasive Species Background on invasive species, how they are harmful to humans and the environment, and identifying invasive plants found in this area 30-60 minutes 7-12
Water Cycle Activities on the water cycle, stream degradation, and watersheds 30-60 minutes, depending on the number of activities to be done 3-8
Erosion Presentation Watersheds, runoff, erosion, transport, deposition, human impact on erosion 45-60 minutes
Use of watershed model to demonstrate sediment movement
Riparian Wetlands Presentation Ecology of riparian wetlands, function of riparian wetland buffers in removing non-point source pollution 45-60 minutes 2-5
Career Day Various career opportunities at the SARA, what the Education Dept. does, skills needed 20-35 minutes K-12
Other Presentation Topics Feel free to contact us if you are interested in a topic related to the San Antonio River that you do not see on this chart If we are creating a new presentation for your class or adapting a topic, sufficient advanced notice will be necessary K-12

Field Trips

Field Trip Topics Covered Additional Information Grade Level
Museum Reach Walking Tour
Start and end at the Pearl Brewery
Information about flood control on the San Antonio River, art, history, and construction of the Museum Reach, including the Lock and Dam. 2-3 hours, wheelchair accessible 2+ miles of walking Any
Mission Reach Walking Tour
Start and end locations negotiable
Ecosystem Restoration, History of the San Antonio River along the Missions, components of a natural river ecosystem 1-2 hours, wheelchair accessible, up to 2+ miles of walking Any
Water Treatment Plant
SARA Water Treatment Facility
Find out where the wastewater from our homes, businesses and schools go and how it is cleaned and recycled Occasionally national security alerts prevent us from hosting these. 6-12
Roots in the River*
Witte Museum
Students will learn how human activity affects the conservation, preservation and restoration of the San Antonio River. 2.5 hours, reservations made through the Witte Museum 4-6

* Partial transportation scholarship and full admission is paid for by the San Antonio River Authority for Title-1 funded schools within SARA’s district. Group size is limited to 28 students. Inquire for more details.

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